Gardening monk

Posted on February 19, 2014

I have completed my two-week trial as the final phase of my application to Green Gulch Farm‘s Apprenticeship Program. I don’t know if they know this yet, or not… but I’m participating in that program! What does that mean? It means that from April 9 to October 9, 2014, I’ll be living at Green Gulch Farm, rising just after 4am, sitting zazen for three hours a day, working the fields for 7 or 8 hours more, attending dharma talks, taking classes, and generally exploring my soul and this marvelous planet we inhabit.

My room

This wasn’t the easiest decision. It will be challenging to be away from one extremely adorable mustachioed man for all that time. But as he points out to me, I’ve been talking about this program for years and it still calls me. Deeply.


What is that calls me to do this super intense program? Something about the discipline. The monastic schedule. Being surrounded and supported by a truly contemplative community, by people who are sitting three hours with me every day. Getting dirt under my nails. Growing food. Learning flower arranging from a Zen priest. Getting away from my computer. Getting quiet. Delving into reconnect, maybe more deeply than ever before, with that part of me that knows what is next for me, knows with utter confidence and freedom exactly who I am. That sort of thing. 

Garden Buddha


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