Homage to Oldenberg: I am for art

Posted on October 5, 2018

I am for art that makes your heart go thump thump.

I am for knowing myself by the heartbeat in my ears, and the rushing of air in and out of my lungs, and the bits of string in my pockets. I am for trembling hands. I am for falling open to the world. I am for not knowing how to behave. I am for starting at the center of things. I am for cayenne-pepper chocolates. I am for the moment after you dive into a pool, before you touch the surface, when you are flying over undisturbed water. I am for closing your eyes when you eat. I am for the slow strength of potato plants.

I stand for manifesting total freedom, authorization to act. To come up with bigger and more ambitious dreams that offer more and more to the world, taking us all up and up and up until we’re giddy with lack of oxygen. To restore a sense of awe to the world. A sense of unity. To know the oneness of the universe and express that instead of anything else, to live the universe, to be it. To give up the struggle. To stop fitting in with counter culture. To stop bickering with mainstream culture.

I am for art that demonstrates all this. I am for art that sucks all this up and makes that hollow burbling sound because it’s still sucking after all the liquid is gone. I am for art that creates chaos out of order. I am for art that systematically repeats a mistake until it becomes an unmistakable stitch. I am for approaching the divine through math. I am for beauty as a means to an end. I am for a region before time, or space, or matter. I am for art that describes a rarely visited inner space. I am for process. I am for droplets of water catching sunlight on the windshield. I am for art that heals. I am for the interconnectedness of mind and matter.

I stand for coming to know death. I stand for leaving it up to you. The you that is beyond your name and your body and your personality. The you beyond your identity, beyond your sexuality. The you that knows all things. The you your ego is terrified of. The you that has no gender, no name.



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    March 12, 2014

    A round of applause for your article. Will read on…