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Posted on November 21, 2018

I am so excited to announce that the launch sale is finally here!

Enjoy a 40% discount through Tuesday, November 27.

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I’m going for it!

This last year I’ve been painting more than ever. It has been deeply fulfilling to me. Putting my work out into the world in a much more intentional way is the next step. Facing down my own inner blocks about it has been a big part of the journey. But I’m going for it!

Honestly, when I read the news and hear about yet another head-hangingly appalling statement or another heart-clutchingly astonishing act of aggression or toxicity, and I ask myself what can I DO about this. Unless there’s a march to attend or a petition to sign or a donation to make— and even when those actions are available— I often feel lost as to how I can make a difference. And eventually I work my way around to remembering that I really believe in the idea that cultivating your own inner peace does, in ways that are not visible and may never be known, make a difference.

And beyond cultivating peace is cultivating joy.

And for me that joy stems both to and from making beauty.

I don’t think I’m saving the world by making paintings and putting them out into the world. But I am saving myself. And I sincerely hope that in the process of doing that, I can offer some spark of joy or peace to you.

So there. I finally got this website launched (which is, of course, so much more and so much less than a website) and I’m super psyched to share it with you— so, with my heart pounding and eyes shining, I invite you to peruse my work! To make this occasion all the splashier, Iet’s go big with a 40% off sale! Please let me know what you think of the work and the site and the goodies.

May you find peace and joy and beauty that is real and palpable
and spills out of you and touches everyone you meet.

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