A Matter of Everydayness


Watercolor on paper, 12×15″

This original painting has been sold. If you are lit up by this kind of mark-making, please contact me about the possibility of a commission. We will chat on the phone for up to an hour and I will create a work inspired by this same process especially for you. Shoot me an email at betsy@artmonastery.org. It is also available as a framed or unframed premium print.

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A Matter of Everydayness, 2015

Watercolor on paper, 12×15″

This painting expresses a very intimate experience of my spirituality. It was originally called “Portalize” to refer to the sensation of being transported elsewhere when looking into a lover’s eyes. Later, I changed the title to “A Matter of Everydayness”, which is a line from one of the sutras that I memorized during my time at Green Dragon Zen Temple / Green Gulch Farm on the coast of northern California. For me this line of the sutra (The Jewel Mirror Samadhi), inspires the power of practicing transcendent experience. Not that you would expect to experience anything in particular, but continually creating the possibility of such experiences, treating them as something that one can cultivate the conditions for, hold open the door to them, every day, even every moment.

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