Caritas, 2013

Ink on vellum, 45×45″


Caritas, 2013

Ink on vellum, 45×45″

This work is painted by hand with a tiny paintbrush without the assistance of rulers of any kind. I made it during a silent retreat while living at the Art Monastery in Labro, Italy. The Artmonks who lived there yearround brought in two Jesuit priests to lead us in a week of silently contemplating monastic rule. We were engaging in this study in order to further develop the Art Monastery’s own monastic rule.

It was a powerful week for me and for hours each day, after studying the Rule of St Benedict, I would paint with that in my heart. One of the words that came up quite a lot was Caritas, which I translate as community. This painting is about the experience of living in community, intentionally and aiming the collective life at higher ideals.

This is painted on vellum, a translucent synthetic paper. It is mounted with two strips of clear framing at the top and bottom such that, while it is not framed, it is ready to hang as is. It will reveal the color of whatever it is front of. One time I installed it hanging from a rafter as a room divider. The light from the windows flowing through it was remarkable.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me to explore the different possibilities for installing this special piece.

Additional information

Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 45 × 45 in

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