Residency at ModNomad

Posted on November 8, 2018
I am delighted to announce that I have been offered an artist residency at ModNomad, a creative studio and sanctuary overlooking mountain and sea in Sausalito, California January 2019. They offer residencies and collaboration opportunities to artists, activists and other social creatives of various disciplines who are instigating for the common good and a reawakening of our civic spirit.
How beautiful is that?
And also physically beautiful— check it out:
Heal. Create. Relate. This is the place.
Featured artists and creative residents at ModNomad Studio have included
  • Cuban jazz great Chuchito Valdes (a member of the three-generation jazz dynasty from Havana, including his grandfather, Bebo Valdes, and father, Chucho Valdes);
  • journalist and health insurance whistleblower, Wendell Potter;
  • Brittany Powell, photographer and creator of The Debt Project;
  • National Book Award-nominated poet Roger Bonair-Agard;
  • former National Nurses United organizer and executive director of Progressive Democrats of America, Donna Smith; and
  • social artist, Gregory Sale, who is currently launching a year-long exhibition on Alcatraz aimed at changing social ideation about our fellow citizens with conviction histories and their re-entry to society.
In addition to offering me a residency, ModNomad is also offering an event that brings folks together to introduce new possibilities and paths to get there. “Cognitive Potlucks” bring together the likes of journalists, artists, visionaries and public intellectuals of integrity to explore the major issues and key forces polarizing and paralyzing us and look for opportunities to synthesize activist efforts, to disrupt and change narratives.
Let’s get together and subvert conventional thought, shall we?
I especially love that they are embodying this ideal:
People and planet need us to—in the words of Dr. King—”call our beloved nation to a higher destiny.”

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